Ronan McCrea

Appropriate Measures II

A sculpture in the form of a hoarding, usually installed to ‘cut off’ a corner of the exhibition space. The work is intended specifically for group exhibitions and follows on from a related 1993 work  Appropriate Measures

In the first iteration of Appropriate Measures II was for a group Exhibition at Kerlin Gallery Dublin, 1996. An intense halogen light with red filter was installed behind the plywood wall. The effect of the light changed depending on the shifts in ambient daylight in the gallery through the day.  Other artists in the show included Paul Seawright, Siobhan Hapaska, Walker & Walker

The second iteration of this work was for group exhibition La-La Land, curated by  Paul O’Neill at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, in 2005.

The work became a support for for Jaime Gili’s selection of artists’ fly-posters. A door was inserted into the wall leading to animated film Crowd Roar Ascending by  Anthony Gross.Artists: B+B, David Blamey, Kathrin Böhm, Jaime Gili, Liam Gillick, Lothar Götz, Anthony Gross, Ronan McCrea, Amy Plant and Jeanne van Heeswijk (Valley Vibes)