Ronan McCrea

Untitled (Titles)

Untitled (Titles) is the series of fifteen of fifteen black and white photographs that offer in textual form a taxonomy of historic and recent exhibitions of photography. The lists of exhibition titles, while devoid of the pictorial image, are nonetheless hand printed using traditional darkroom techniques on Ilford fibre-based photographic paper from digitally originated 8 x 10 inch negatives.

These works make the proposition of being photographs about photography and act as an gently ironic linguistic counterpoint to modernist traditions and recent trends in abstract, non-objective and concrete photography.  They also propose to be photographs as object – making use of the distinctive curling, surface texture and deep black tones of this type of photographic paper. (Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Matt)

Untitled (Titles) charts and particular encounter between the photograph and the medium of the exhibition and curatorial practice  as well a indexing the shifting fashions in the titling of exhibitions that often draw on metaphors, word play and puns related to the ontology of photography.