Ronan McCrea

Chroma Series

The Chroma series of photographs elaborate on the theme of masking and revealing.  A selection of pack shots, portraits and props are pictured against coloured paper backdrops manufactured specifically for ‘chroma-key’ compositing techniques in filmmaking and photography.  ‘Blue-screen’ was developed in age of film and later ‘green-screen’ was developed as more suitable for digital camera sensors due to their increased sensitivity to the colour green.  Usually subjects are recorded against these coloured backdrops with the intention of later inserting another image as a background in the post-production process.  In these glossy photographic prints subjects include a teenage under-cut hairstyle, ‘Non-Photo blue’ pencils, studies of the reflective properties 3M™ Polyester Film Tape 850 and a prop for a C.G.I. dialogue scene.